Google Street View Sightings

So we’ve all seen funny moments caught by the Google Street View Car:

And in fact, there are entire websites devoted to these kind of pics! (e.g. New shots are posted on them all the time.

But have you ever wondered whether you’re featured in Google Street View somewhere? I wouldn’t be surprised! I have a Friend of a Friend who spotted himself on Pine Ave, near McGill, but I haven’t yet found any of myself. Let me know if you see me, and I’ll do that likewise for you! 🙂


About Nathan Wong

21, social psychology student. Workshop designer and facilitator, MBTI enthusiast. Blogs about applying psychology to education, and finding pathways to multidimensional learning. Topics of interest: Within psychology: group dynamics, personality theories, human motivation, and organizational culture. Outside of psychology: electoral systems, different cultures, politics, social issues.

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